A new global force in aviation emerged with the establishment of Aeronautical College of Bangladesh (ACB).It is the first aeronautical training center in Bangladesh. With the help of IATS, International Air Training Service, a research based company developed around 86 aeronautical related modules to provide international education material. Over the years ACB conducted many short courses for experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personnel, including Human Factor in Aviation and Airworthiness.At the moment ACB offers wide range of courses approved by BTEC from Edexcel and is prepared to conduct three years fast track customized program for all student with an aspiration to become an engineer.At ACB we want you to reach your full potential. Our highly qualified and professional/licensed tutors make sure you receive expert tuition and where necessary, we’ll also arrange learning support to help you through your studies.ACB also has a dedicated team of staff on hand to advise you on anything from welfare and accommodation to personal problems and financial issues.

Message from the Honourable Chairman

Our Aeronautical Engineering programs transform undergraduate and graduate students into competent, successful and leading professionals for tomorrow. Our scholars develop lifelong learning in the fields relevant to their careers through our outcome-based education programs. In addition to professional growth, our programs also focus on development…

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Message from the Managing Director

Aeronautical College of Bangladesh (ACB) adept unbelievable developments in a short period based on confidence of becoming a driving age with in Bangladesh and specialized education. Now, it aims to rise to another level with a new vision, Leaders of the aviation world .”Raising flags of specialization and globalization, we are trying relevant to their careers through our outcome-based…

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Hands on training, practical and maintenance experience plays vital role to develop skill, performance, working capability and competence are the most important factors for the degree and Part-66 licenses. ACB provides in house hands on training at the campus and maintenance training on aircraft and equipment on live aircraft and maintenance facilities of Bismillah Airlines.


Laboratories for the study of aeronautical engineering & licensing are mainly based on aircraft, engine, components, and parts for demonstration, electronics, electrical and avionics equipment. To cover these areas, ACB has Cessna-152 aircraft, gas turbine engine, installed piston engine, aircraft equipment for demonstration, wind tunnel at the campus.


Students’ safe and healthy accommodation and environment has become an acute problem in this thickly populated mega city specially for the new students for which there is growing demand to provide accommodation facilities at the college campus. To meet the study environment and secured living arrangement ACB has accommodation facility at its campus.

Job Opportunity

It is not that you look for the job rather job provider will look for you. There is a wide spread job placement/scope in the airlines of Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and also in different airlines of Bangladesh. What is needed you have to develop your capability and competence and ACB will extend all out help to achieve the goal.

International Student

Our programs of aeronautical engineering, BTEC and EASA/CAAB Part-66 licensing are international based and with the international community and systems. Join the multicultural groups, societies, international students’ support services and close links with the culturally diverse population. These will give you homely environment, friendly atmosphere and you will enjoy the rainy and spring seasons here.s

Our Featured Courses are selected through a rigorous process and uniquely created for each semester.

Becoming Leaders of the aviation world!

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