Main Features

Aeronautical College of Bangladesh and YOUR SUCCESS—ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.

  • Quality education both on classroom, hands on and practical training to develop skill and professionalism
  • Provide credit transfer to USA, Canada, UK, China and Australian Universities
  • Credit transfer – to Shenyong Aeronautical University, under Bi-Lateral agreement and no transfer fee is applicable.
  • Provides simultaneous theory and maintenance experience/practical training on operating aircraft which reduces duration of training by 2 years
  • Waiver/scholarship are available for all students
  • Affordable tuition fees for local and foreign students and special offer for the students of SAARC country.
  • No internship, maintenance experience on operating aircraft is obtained during ongoing theoretical classes.
  • ACB is EASA Part-66 License Examination Center and module exam is conducted

“Note that no need of private coaching”

ACB offers One Stop qualification and professional license with maintenance experience and confirms service as an aircraft engineer in airlines.



Maintenance Experience and Industrial Visit

Maintenance experience on operating aircraft at Part-145 AMO is mandatory for the Part-66 license. To reduce duration for obtaining license ACB has arrangement of combining practical training/maintenance experience simultaneously online and base maintenance and undertake industrial visit from time to time. It may be mentioned that hands-on training is part of classroom training so does not count as maintenance experience.



Class Room

We have modern class room with individual chairs and tables. Well ventilated, multi-windows and natural air flow. It has multimedia facilities with large whiteboard

Virtual Class Room

Our virtual classroom moves to distance training technologies to a new level. The training is conducted with the interaction so the students are able to pose questions, problems during the ongoing classes, professional activities and receive immediate answers which allow us to keep the training as efficient as regular offline training.

ACBalso offers several online basic and recurrent courses on aviation legislation, human factors, fuel tank safety, electrical wiring interconnection systems (EWIS), Safety Management Systems and fundamental course on Part 145 organisations etc.


Hands on training, practical and maintenance experience plays vital role to develop skill, performance, working capability and competence are the most important factors for the degree and Part-66 licenses. ACB provides in house hands on training at the campus and maintenance training on aircraft and equipment on live aircraft and maintenance facilities of Bismillah Airlines.


Line and Base Maintenance Training

ACB provides maintenance experience at CAAB Part-145 AMO which is the mandatory requirements for the issuance of EASA Part-66 license or CAAB Part-66 basic license. Line maintenance experience is provided CAAB Part-145 AMO on B747 aircraft and both line and base maintenance is provided on BAe HS 748 aircraft at Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar respectively.


Laboratories for the study of aeronautical engineering &licensing are mainly based on aircraft, engine, components, parts for demonstration, electronics, electrical and avionics equipment and relevant shops. To cover these areas, ACB has one Cessna-152 aircraft, gas turbine engine, installed piston engine, aircraft equipment for demonstration, wind tunnel, workshop facilities and hands on training at the campus. In addition to these workshops such as Sheet metal, wheel and brake shop, Battery shop, Technical store, calibration, engineering planning, technical records of Bismillah Airlines are used for practical training and maintenance experience which makesperfect transfer of technology and know-how essential for the development and competence. It also uses the facilities of department of mechanical engineering of International Islamic University of Technology, Gazipur.

Mainly in-house training is provided on Cessna-152 aircraft which enable the students to be in touch with the aircraft and become familiar with the aircraft activity at the very beginning of their course


We have a rich library and have all relevant books in the library. Now a day’s book problem is made easy by electronic copy and we have the electronic copy of all relevant books. Students need to use both hard and soft copies of books. Aircraft engineering study needs different types of aircraft manuals, reference manuals for aircraft, equipment, shops etc for consultation during class work, practical and hands on training and we have these manuals in our library

Indoor Games

To ensure physical fitness and strength, freshness of mind and body, to remove physical stresses and mental dullness ACB has the arrangements of indoor and outdoor games facilities.

Student Accommodation

Students’ safe and healthy accommodation and environment has become an acute problem in this thickly populated mega city specially for the new students for which there is growing demand to provide accommodation facilities at the college campus.To meet the study environment and secured living arrangement ACB has accommodation facility at its campus. For the girl students we have special arrangement and are run and controlled by ladies other than gateman.