Career Opportunity                      

BSc in Aeronautical Engineering

* May join in airlines as an apprentice engineer in the department of maintenance and engineering and obtained aircraft engineering license to develop career as a licensed engineer or

* Appear before examination for aircraft engineer license

* As development engineer

* Engineer in central engineering department

* In the department of Inspection & Quality and Assurance

* Engineering Planning department

* Auditor/Inspector Part M Organization

Aeronautical engineer/aircraft engineer license holder, you have the scope to develop career in aeronautical industry, commercial transport category aircraft, cargo, business jet, general aviation, helicopters, MRO, corporate offices, development engineer, research & development and other varieties of roles with aircraft maintenance and other multifarious management job.

The program structured to run in semester systems, allowing you to concentrate your studies on a set number units/ modules within the time frame. At the end of the semester you will complete the relevant assignments, practical and final examinations, you will have one-week break period and then move to next set of semester.

You may choose to go for Master degree preferably in Canada or USA for further development of career

License Engineers Job Opportunity

  • Cat-A license engineer on Line Maintenance job facilities
  • Cat-B1 or B2 engineer at Base maintenance facilities
  • Cat-B1 or B2 engineer in MRO (Maintenance Repair Organization)
  • Development engineer of central engineering
  • Auditor/Inspector in Part M Organization or Part-145 AMO
  • Engineering Planning department