Aeronautical College of Bangladesh (ACB) adept unbelievable developments in a short period based on confidence of becoming a driving age with in Bangladesh and specialized education. Now, it aims to rise to another level with a new vision, Leaders of the aviation world .” Raising flags of specialization and globalization, we are trying  ourlevel best to educate with the latest knowledge demanded by the world today while simultaneously training whole individuals who can contribute to the establishment of a graceful social community. Endlessly challenging unrecognized fields and living a life of sharing are beautiful elements that levitate human. I wish for our students to become leaders in their academic fields and true leaders of the world with imperial and mature characters. Start your lives a new today, with aspiration and excitement. Aeronautical College of Bangladesh will be with you.
  Md. Moslem Uddin,
Managing Director,
Aeronautical College of Bangladesh.

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