Message From Chairman
Use of commercial aircraft started expanding after WWII. With the development of Jet engine aircraft, its expansion accelerated at a rapid rate. In 2017, Boeing produces 863 aircraft and Airbus produced 763 aircraft. Other manufacturers of Canada, Russia, the UK, Germany, Holland, French, Brazil also manufactured aircraft. In addition, there will be a production of 622,000 business jet and other aircraft, the demand of helicopter will be 132,000 by 2035.  According to the Boeing study, Asia-Pacific regions require 261,000 pilots, 257,000 aircraft engineers, 321,000 cabin crews and Middle countries require 64,000 pilots, 66,000 engineers, and 97,000 cabin crews by next few years. In Bangladesh, around 160m people live and now only three commercial passenger airlines operate schedule flights with less than 50 aircraft. What is surprising that even today private airlines have to depend on expatriate engineers to spend a huge amount of foreign currencies. Especially, the Cargo airlines like Bismillah Airlines, Easy Fly Express, Hellow Airlines, Sky Air, True Aviation, etc are wholly dependent on expatriate engineers. The more interesting fact is that engineers from Honduras, Philippines, and Indonesia even from Mongolia are serving here and this is reality. Do we export millions of workers but not the skilled manpower? Keeping all these in mind, ACB extends its hands in the area of aeronautical engineering to develop highly professional manpower to meet the local and foreign job market. It needs only the decision of guardians and students to take the challenge and ACB ensures you provide all-out necessary efforts to realize this scheme and we are affirmative that we are doing it and will continue to do so with the cooperation of students and guardians.
  • MA Mannan
  • Chairman
  • Aeronautical College of Bangladesh
  • Managing Director
  • Bismillah Airlines

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